The presence of burs, flows after plasma-, laser- or gas cutting, as well as burs after punching the sheet is pain in the neck and an integral problem of any enterprise that carries out this type of cutting. Despite any assurances from sellers of plasma and laser cutting and sheet metal punching machines — the presence of flash lines, burr and metal flows along the cutting edges is an inevitable side-effect after processing.

Even if your parts have holes of 8 mm, it is not difficult for the machine because the brush system with an oscillation system will perform deburring and dull the edges. For aluminum and stainless parts, we offer services for processing edges from burrs and surface grinding.

Please note that our machine allows you to process parts covered with a film, we achieve stripping the part from burrs and blunting sharp edges without removing the film.

Costa – MD4 CV 1150 Deburring Machine


The MDCV 1150 machine is a grinding machine for rounding internal and external corners and deburring stainless and steel parts after cutting, stamping, laser and plasma cutting.

Deburring and rounding of the edges occur due to the technology of a transverse abrasive belt, the maximum size of the parts is 1150mm wide, and the minimum dimensions of the parts can reach up to 50*50mm.

Main advantages:

  • Stripping and rounding – Processing – grinding of laser burrs and rounding of sharp edges inside and outside the part in one step, high productivity – a distinctive feature of this type of machine tools.
  • Deburring technology –
  • 1 contact roller for deburring with an abrasive belt in combination with 2 transverse belts mounted in abrasive blocks work in opposite directions completing the work on rounding the edges and stripping along the entire plane of the part.
  • Cleaning of small parts – the machine works perfectly with small parts, like 50*50
  • Control panel – Easy to use with integrated touch screen for monitoring machine operating parameters and alarms.
  • Beautiful sanding lines across the surface – In addition to the technology of rounding the edges due to the transverse tape, on the surface of the part, you can observe perfect grinding lines on all surfaces.