Bending of pipes and profiles


If you need high-quality and prompt bending of pipes, we use modern equipment and offer our customers the bending of round and profile pipes, of round and flat material by the winding method, where defects and changes in geometry depending on the bending option are excluded.

Pipe bending, unlike welding, looks quite neat. This process increases the profitability of our company’s production as well as reduces the painstaking manufacturing of products.

The very method of winding, its technology is a very precise bending of steel, stainless, aluminum and other materials. We offer bending of both thin-walled and thick-walled pipes and profiles, bending with fixed and variable radius.

We know a lot about high-quality pipes, as we ourselves use this technology in the manufacture of stair and balcony fences, as well as in various grilles and gates. Due to the operation of high-tech automatic pipe bending machines, we spend a minimum of time on bending. Thus, our customers receive finished products with a high-precision bending angle and of excellent quality.


reduced material consumption, since there are no welded pipes

reduction of labour intensity when creating structures

the best hydro-aerodynamic performance of the passage

no adverse effects on the metal structure

advantage in sealing relative to threaded connections

the best appearance of the final product

Mandrel Method

Mandrel bend of pipes and profile from 16*1.2 mm to 90*3mm

Possible range of bend radius – from 30 mm to 250 mm

Method of cold winding of pipes and profiles using an additional steel or bronze element – a mandrel or a mandrel with spheres (depending on the diameter of the profile and wall thickness) for bending with a radius of 1.5 of the pipe or profile diameter.

This method allows you to avoid:

  • Shapes without constrictions, microcracks, wave folds inside the radius – corrugation
  • Changing the geometry of the pipe at the bend point
  • Unseemly appearance of the product

D10 R=20mm
D12 R=12mm, R=19mm
D17,2 R=30mm
D18 R=36 mm
D20 R=25 mm, R=30mm, R=45mm
D25 R=25mm, R=28.5mm, R=35mm, R=36mm, R=50 mm
D26 R=62,5mm
D28 R=70 mm
D30 R=60 mm
D32 R=35, R=70 mm
D38 R=40mm, R=50 mm, R=76 mm
D50 R=70 mm
D42,4 R=84,4 mm
D48.3 R=96.6 mm
D60,3 R=120,6 mm, R=150 mm
D73 R=146 mm
D88,9 R=177,8 mm
20*20*2 R=50 mm
50*50*2 R=175 mm

The list of tools is constantly growing!

The Mandrel-free Method

We offer the services of this bend for pipes and profiles from 6 m to 114.3*4 mm

Possible range of bend radii – from 15 mm to 700 mm

Mandrel free Method is the cheapest technology for winding a pipe and profile onto a bending matrix. The main point of this type of bend is the bend radius, which is equal to at least 3-4 pipe diameters and depends on the wall thickness of the profile.

The most important feature of this bend is the deformation of the material, the bend of which occurs without any additional tools inside the profile, but being a cheap way of bending, with such a small radius, it allows you to maintain the ovality of the pipe no more than 15% of the original diameter.

3/8 (17.2 mm) R=36 mm, R=53,5 mm
½ (21.3 mm) R=46 mm, R=59 mm, R=67 mm
¾ (26.9 mm) R=56 mm, R=59 mm, R=67 mm, R=78mm, R=90mm
1” (33.7 mm) R=56 mm, R=67 mm, R=82mm, R=90 mm, R=100 mm, R=112mm
1”1/4 (42.4 mm) R=90 mm, R=100 mm, R=112, R=127.2 mm, R=130 mm, R=150 mm, R=160 mm, R=190
1”1/2 (48.3 mm) R=100 mm, R=130 mm, R=144.75 mm, R=150mm, R= 160 mm, R=190 mm, R=199.5
2” (60.3 mm) R=130 mm, R=150mm, R=160 mm, R=180.9 mm, R=190 mm, R=238.5 mm
2”1/2 (76.1 mm) R=228 mm, R=292 mm
3” (88.9 mm) R=270 mm
4” (114.3 mm) R=355 mm

D6 R=30mm, R=36mm
D8 R=30 mm, R=36mm
D10 R=30mm, R=36 mm, R=40mm
D12 R=36 mm, R=46 mm, R=56mm
D15 R=45 mm
D16 R=36 mm, R=48 mm, R=56mm
D19 R=56mm
D20 R=46 mm, R=56 mm, R=60 mm, R=67 mm, R=80 mm
D22 R=46mm, R=56 mm, R=66 mm, R=67 mm
D25 R=56 mm, R=67 mm, R=75 mm, R=90mm, R=100 mm, R=126 mm, R=131.5 mm
D30 R=67 mm, R=90 mm, R=120 mm
D32 R=67 mm, R=96 mm, R=130mm

D35 R=90 mm, R=105 mm
D38 R=69 mm, R=90 mm, R=130
D40 R=90 mm, R=120 mm, R=160 mm
D45 R=90 mm
D50 R=150mm, R=175mm

The list of tools is constantly growing!

Profile bending machine

We offer services of this bend of pipes and a profile to 80*80*3 mm

The advantages of such a machine include the possibility of obtaining a bent profile of a large length – of more than 5 meters, which is widely used in construction. In addition, the workpiece can be bent at an angle of up to 360 degrees — for a full circle. Bending of large diameter pipes is carried out on electric machines with the following bending principle: first, one end of the workpiece is installed in a special grip, and then it is wound on a block of the desired radius.

Such machines allow you to realize an accurate bending angle (up to one degree). This is provided either by a simple mechanical way, or by setting parameters in digital form while monitoring the entire process on a screen of highly automated complexes. Such machines are used only in factory conditions.

D10 mm
D12 mm
D15 mm
D16 mm
D20 mm
D25 mm
D30 mm
D32 mm
D35 mm
D38 mm
D40 mm
D45 mm
D50,8 mm
D60,3 mm
D26.9 mm
D33,7 mm
D42.4 mm

The list of tools is constantly growing!

10*10 mm
15*15 mm
20*20 mm
22*22 mm
25*25 mm
25*10 mm
28*28 mm
30*30 mm
30*20 mm
35*35 mm
40*40 mm
40*20 mm
45*45 mm
50*50 mm
50*25 mm
50*30 mm
60*60 mm

The list of tools is constantly growing!