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Sheet article machining

Barb and upset metal resulting from plasma, laser or gas cutting, as well as burr resulting from sheet punching, present a constant problem and a big headache for any factory that performs such type of cutting out. Despite all that assurance from salespersons of laser, plasma cutting and punching machines for rolled sheet, flash, barb, upset metal and burr along cut face will always be a side effect after machining. Even though your parts have holes up to 8 mm in diameter, it won’t present difficulties for a machine with brush and see-saw oscillation to perform trimming and root facing. We offer edge machining and burnishing services for aluminum and steel parts. We would like to stress that our machine allows processing of film-coated parts without necessarily ripping it, obtaining a part with smooth edges and clean from burr.

We machine your parts after:
  • Plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Gas cutting
  • Punching machine processing
You receive your parts:
  • Trimmed
  • Clean from burr
  • Smooth edged
  • Burnished
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