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Work piece maximum diameter, D max = 280 mm (350 x 230 mm). Work piece maximum length, L = 12000 mm.

Currently, average labor intensity of blank work in machine-building industry is 40-45% of total production labor intensity for a product of machine building. The main tendency of blank production development is decreasing labour intensity of mechanical machining during manufacturing machinery parts because of augmented precision of their shape and dimensions. Tootlus OU Company offers a range of cutting out services for long-length work pieces of various types rolled metal. Technology of cutting out will be chosen based on requirements for cut edge and shape of work piece, taking account of metal working specifics. Cutting out long-length work pieces is performed in strict accordance with Customer’s drawings, using precision equipment, which provides optimal cutting out process and minimal percentage of resulting waste. The advanced equipment provides working accuracy within ±1 mm.

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