Pipe bending

If you are looking for pipe bending services to be done quality and fast one, it is us who use up-to-date equipment and offer our Customers bending of circular and shaped pipes, and circular and flat material using winding method, depending on type of bend, which excludes defects and geometry alteration. The winding method itself and its technology is a precision bending of stainless, aluminium, steel and other materials. We offer bending of thin-wall and thick-wall pipes and sections; bend of fixed and variable radius.

Mandrel bending

Our company offers mandrel bending of pipes and sections of different sizes starting from 16 x 1.2 to 90 x 3 mm.

Range of bend radius from 30 to 250 mm.

Mandrel bending

This is a method of cold pipe and section winding, using a mandrel or a ball mandrel, a supplementary steel or bronze element (depending on section diameter or wall thickness) for bends of pipe or section having radius from 1.5 m.

This method provides the following:

  • Shape without bottlenecks, microcracks and corrugation, wave-like folds on inside radius
  • No geometry alternation in bend
  • Acceptable appearance of the product

List of tools:

  • D10 R=20mm
  • D12 R=12mm, R=19mm
  • D17,2 R=30mm
  • D18 R=36 mm
  • D20 R=25 mm, R=30mm, R=45mm
  • D25 R=25mm, R=28.5mm, R=35mm, R=36mm, R=50 mm
  • D26 R=62,5mm
  • D28 R=70 mm
  • D30 R=60 mm
  • D32 R=35, R=70 mm
  • D38 R=40mm, R=50 mm, R=76 mm
  • D50 R=70 mm
  • D42,4 R=84,4 mm
  • D60,3 R=120,6 mm
  • D73 R=146 mm
  • D88,9 R=177,8 mm
  • 20*20  R=50 mm

The list of tools is constantly growing!

Mandrelless bending

We offer this type of bending pipes and sections from 6 m to 114.3 x 4 mm.

Range of bend radius from 15 to 700 mm.

This is the least expensive pipe and section winding onto bend die. The pivoting point of this type of bend is bend radius, which equals no less than 3-4 diameters of pipe, depending on wall thickness of section.

The main peculiarity of this bend is deformation of material, bending of which is performed without any supplementary tools inside the section. Although being a low-cost method of bending, at such a small radius, it allows maintaining out-of-roundness no more than 15% of pipe’s initial diameter.

List of tools:

  • 3/8 (17.2 mm) R=36 mm, R=53,5 mm
  • ½ (21.3 mm) R=46 mm, R=67 mm, R=59 mm
  • ¾ (26.9 mm) R=56 mm, R=59 mm, R=67 mm, R=90mm
  • 1” (33.7 mm) R=56 mm, R=67 mm, R=90 mm, R=100 mm
  • 1”1/4 (42.4 mm) R=90 mm, R=100 mm, R=127.2 mm, R=130 mm, R=150 mm, R=160 mm
  • 1”1/2 (48.3 mm) R=100 mm, R=130 mm, R=144.75 mm, R= 160 mm, R=190 mm, R=199.5 mm
  • 2” (60.3 mm) R=130 mm, R=160 mm, R=180.9 mm, R=190 mm, R=238.5 mm
  • 2”1/2 (76.1 mm) R=228 mm, R=292 mm
  • 3” (88.9 mm) R=270 mm
  • 4” (114.3 mm) R=355 mm
  • D10 R=30mm, R=36 mm
  • D12 R=36 mm, R=46 mm
  • D15 R=45 mm
  • D16 R=36 mm, R=48 mm
  • D20 R=46 mm, R=56 mm, R=60 mm, R=67 mm, R=80 mm
  • D22 R=56 mm, R=66 mm, R=67 mm
  • D25 R=56 mm, R=67 mm, R=75 mm, R=100 mm, R=126 mm, R=131.5 mm
  • D30 R=67 mm, R=90 mm, R=120 mm
  • D32 R=67 mm, R=96 mm
  • D35 R=90 mm, R=105 mm
  • D38 R=69 mm, R=90 mm
  • D40 R=90 mm, R=120 mm, R=160 mm
  • D45 R=90 mm

The list of tools is constantly growing!

Section bender

We offer this type of bending pipes and sections up to 80 x 80 x 3 mm.

This is a process of mechanical machining of a shaped metal pipe, thanks to which arches and arcs of various radii, starting from 5 section sizes with roll bending of shaped pipes, are produced.

We offer services of bending with fixed and variable radius, using our section bender, a three-roll machine.

We also offer roll bending for square, rectangular and circular section pipes.



List of rolls:


  • D10 mm
  • D12 mm
  • D15 mm
  • D16 mm
  • D20 mm
  • D25 mm
  • D30 mm
  • D35 mm
  • D40 mm
  • D45 mm
  • D50,8 mm
  • D60,3 mm
  • D26.9 mm
  • D33,7 mm
  • D42.4 mm


  • 10*10 mm
  • 15*15 mm
  • 20*20 mm
  • 22*22 mm
  • 25*25 mm
  • 28*28 mm
  • 30*30 mm
  • 35*35 mm
  • 40*40 mm
  • 45*45 mm
  • 50*50 mm
  • 60*60 mm

The list of tools is constantly growing!

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