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The history of our company started in spring of 2020, difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic, when several customers were looking for a reliable partner in blank production sphere. Hence an idea of establishing the enterprise was born.  

We researched the market of Estonia using several items and found no companies that comply with the slogan combining such features as “Quality, speed, price”, nor did we find a service of machining flat parts after cutting out. We, Tootlus OU, have created the first in Estonia enterprise which provides services of machining after cutting out and smoothing of edges. 

Do you receive constant complaints from your customers that paint or zinc plating won’t last long on parts’ angles? Machining of your parts’ edges does not comply with EU requirements? Your work pieces haven’t got marketable appearance, lacking stainless steel surface machining after laser cutting or punching and your employees keep cutting their hands because of sharp edges? Or, perhaps, you’ve got a part with scratches on its coating that you cannot hand back to your customer?

IF so, feel free to contact us! We’ll help you solve these problems as well as many others, including pipe and section bending or metal sawing.

Services we offer.

What is blank production? It is what our company Tootlus OU provides. It encompasses all production processes of work piece manufacturing. In the Baltic States we are a much-in-demand business of blank production! Blank production plays an important role in process chain, for it resolves issues of augmenting material utilisation factor, time saving, labour- and energy intensity, as well as tool expenditures decreasing. Cutting, bending, machining. You have found a right Company who, despite being a new one, has employed really skilled specialists! Our services are in great demand on today’s market. The major mission of our Company’s blank production is obtaining work piece geometry as close as possible to that of a finished part.

Pipe bending

Mandrel, mandrelless bending of pipes and sections, radius bending.


Sheet article machining:

Machining after laser, plasma, gas cutting, punching machine processing and cutting out metal.


Pipes and sections cutting out:

Pipe and section cutting using automatic bandsaw machine.


Equipment used:
  • Mandrel bending machine by Italian company CBC, CBC UNI 90, max. D 90 x 3
  • Mandrelless bending machine by Italian company CBC, CBC UNI 120, max. D 114.3 x 4
  • Mandrelless bending machine, by Italian company CBC UNI 70/C, max. D 60 x 4
  • Machining equipment by Italian company Costa, MD4 CV 1150, max. width 1150 mm, height 160 mm
  • Automatic bandsaw machine by Italian company Pedrazzoli, Pedrazzoli SN 350 AP CN, max. 350 mm
Company details!

Address:  Loo Saha tee 18r  74201 Harju maakond        Tel. +372 56 55 700       E-Mail. info@tootlus.ee

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